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Mobile Application Development

Track Room Location: U225 Mac Lab


The course will introduce the various platforms in use on small and mobile devices. Attendees will create basic applications for each IOS and Android platforms using specialized development environments.

*Funding is being provided by the State of Michigan, therefore only registrants from Michigan will be able to attend this course.*


Judy Lipinski

Judy is a multi-specialist who is passionate about technology, business planning/management, and wine education. She is currently the Sr. Consultant/Instructor for ProTech Professional Technical Service, Inc.


  • Java EE Development and Architecture
  • Web Development and Planning
  • Social Media Strategy and Technology

Having the ability to understand software and users has helped her to build successful, quality driven systems, that benefit companies and the users that they serve.


To be provided by instructor on day 1.

Track Evaluation

Evaluations will be provided mid-week and at the end of the training session.

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